Opus Mosaic, International Year of Planet Earth Mosaic Exhibition 2008
5th May to 28th June 2008

email: opusmosaic@btconnect.com

Online catalogue - List of Exhibitors

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Name Country Themes
Kate Anderson Scotland Hazards, Groundwater, Deep Earth
Janet Adey England Ocean
Kathy Badcock England Soil
Andrew Bolton Wales Hazards & Resources.
Anya Burzec England Hazards
Maylee Christie England Climate
Community Artworks England Hazards, Deep Earth, Megacites & Groundwater
Rachel Cooke England Ocean & Hazards
Charlotte Cornish England Ocean & Climate & Earth & Health.
Carol Delahunty England Climate
Gill Dolman England Climate
Connie English USA Ocean
Luke Eveleigh England Climate
Hedva Federman Israel Climate & Deep Earth
Mavis Firth England Groundwater
Sylvie Foisel France Earth & Health
Jane Ford England Megacites
Ninna Fray England Oceans & Hazards
Nina Gronw- Lewis England Resources
Alison Hepburn England Ocean & Deep Earth
Joy Holden England Ocean, Climate & Deep Earth
Debbie Howard England Soil
Janette Ireland England Ocean
Iliev Ilia Ivanoy Bulgaria Hazards
Robin James England Resources.
Christina Kalota England Deep Earth
Jean Kinloch England Ocean & Hazards
Britta Kuth Germany Megacites
Pascal Levaillant France Climate
Irit Levy Monaco Megacites
Sharon Lindsay England Megacites, Groundwater
Heather Macdonald Scotland Ocean
Dugald Macinnes Scotland Groundwater
Maxine Macintosh England Climate & Hazards
Caroline McCorriston England Soil
Marcelo De Melo Brazil Hazards
Claire Milner England Ocean
Francoise Moulet France Earth & Health
Irina Naumez Germany Climate
Helen Nock England Resources
Jan O'Highway England Resources
Natalie Pisante Israel Hazards
K Pound England Soil
Allan Punton England Ocean
Kate Rattray England Soil
Toni Richfield England Climate
Suzanne Rippe France Deep Earth
Debbie Ryan England Soil
Sally Servian England Climate
Ali Soper England Ocean, Deep Earth & Soil
Julie Stedman England Hazards
Hayleigh Stedman England Deep Earth
Sidney Thornton England Hazards
Nicky Tudor England Ocean
Susan Van Blanken Netherlands Groundwater
Joanna Veevers England Soil, Deep Earth
Janet Ventre England Oceans, Hazards & Climate
Agnes Vermorel England Ocean, Deep Earth, Climate
Pauline Virgo England Hazards
Natalie Warne England Deep Earth
Greet Weitenburg Netherlands Hazards
Michelle Wilcox England Ocean
Amanda Whittle England Ocean, Soil & Deep Earth


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